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Type 1 diabetes

The D-Challenge 2022

2021 Winners include teams from: La Jolla Institute, Harvard, Stanford, MUSC, UCSF, UMICHIGAN and UFDI


Ask the expert: digital cafe meet up
Francois Moreau PhD, Harvard, Dec 6, 10 AM PT// 1 PM ET

Unique interaction of a viral insulin-like peptide with the IGF-1 receptor produces a natural antagonist

ask the expert : digital cafe meet up
Esteban Gurzov, PhD, ULB, Dec 7, 9 AM PT// 12 PM ET

New protocols in the Gurzov Lab

The MicroRNA Landscape of Acute Beta Cell Destruction in Type 1 Diabetic Recipients of Intraportal Islet Grafts; Martens et. al. 2021.
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Ekaterine Berishivili MD PhD

“The time for scientists working alone is over, collaboration is key”

Ekaterine Bershivili MD, PhD

Senior Scientist at University of Geneva

“the(sugar)science is doing an awesome job by bridging the gap in a very diverse community of scientists working to better treat/look for a cure for people with type 1 diabetes and by curating valuable content for researchers in the field. Such a valuable tool for us!”

José García-Tirado, Phd

University of Virginia Center for Diabetes Technology

“The ideas that you are discussing as part of the(sugar)science are excellent.”

Matthias Hebrok, PhD

University of California San Francisco

“I am a strong supporter of the(sugar)science.”

Douglas Melton, PhD

Harvard University

“Fantastic Idea!”

Mark Atkinson, PhD

University of Florida

“A concept like the(sugar)science will be welcomed.”

Jeff Bluestone, PhD

University of California San Francisco