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We are an interactive digital platform for scientists who study type 1 diabetes (T1D). We provide curated content, events, and opportunities specifically focused around T1D.

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CLUB HOUSE March 5 from 2-3pm PT

Meet up for women scientists who study T1D

Pregnancy induces pancreatic insulin secretion in women with long-standing type 1 diabetes, Magnusson etal
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the sugar science podcast

Episode 48

Teresa Rodriguez-Calvo, DVM, PhD
Junior Group Leader in the Type 1
Diabetes Pathology Research Unit at
the Institute of Diabetes Research,
Helmholtz Zentrum Munich

Teresa Rodriguez-Calvo joins us to discuss her type 1 diabetes
research at the International Helmholtz Research School for Diabetes.

off the record #4
February 25 from 9-10am PT

Does Impaired Autophagy Lead to Senescence in beta cells?

the sugar science podcast

Episode 52

Scott Soleimanpour, MD
Associate Professor Director
of the Michigan Medicine
Diabetes Transition Program

Dr. Soleimanpour provides details about a
recent publication, Mitophagy protects β
cells from inflammatory damage in diabetes.

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