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Wednesdays: December 2 @3-3:30pmPT Dr Carmela Evans-Molina

digital cafe to connect experts in T1D research with early career scientists

Episode 35

Exposure to Static Magnetic and Electric Fields Treats
Type 2 Diabetes and new venture Geminii Health.

Episode 19

Immunomodulatory Properties of Amniotic Membrane
Derivatives and Their Potential in Regenerative Medicine

off the record
Coming December 17

ISLET IMPLANTS: Lessons learned from placental development

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“The ideas that you are discussing as part of The Sugar Science are excellent.”

Matthias Hebrok, PhD

University of California San Francisco

“I am a strong supporter of thesugarscience.”

Douglas Melton, PhD

Harvard University

Fantastic Idea!

Mark Atkinson, PhD

University of Florida

A concept like The Sugar Science will be welcomed.

Jeff Bluestone, PhD

University of California San Francisco