State of the Science

State of the Science: T1D 


WHAT: State of the Science is an interactive conversation with room for granular and lively debate focused on the most pressing issues in type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. Our goal is to foster open science, interaction, and collaboration–all hallmarks of the(sugar)science mission. These virtual conversations will involve: 

  • 30 minute introduction – What’s HOT in this field? Describing the state of the art.

  • 20 minute panel interface – What does the future hold?

  • 10 minutes – Audience Q/A


  • Anchors (2) – introduce the topic, state of the art, and what’s happening in the field

  • Panelists (3) – debate current hypotheses and postulate what the future folds

  • Audience (50-100) – contribute meaningful questions and insights


  • May-September 2021

  • Thursdays, 8-9 am PDT // 11-12noon EDT // 3-4pm GMT

TOPICS OF DISCUSSION: click on the date of interest to register.

1) Click HERE to WATCH(May 20)Inaugural, What are top pain points in T1D research?

  • Anchors: Doug Melton PhD (HSCI), Mark Atkinson MD (UF), Carmela Evans Molina MD PhD (IUDRC)

  • Panel: Rob Screaton PhD (U Toronto), Emily Sims MD (IndianaU) Bart Roep PhD (COH), Teresa Mastracci PhD (IndianaU)

2) CLICK HERE TO WATCH June 3: Clinical, Pancreatic Transplant is Still Relevant for the Future of Type 1 Diabetes Care 

  • Anchors: Mario Spaggiari MD (UIC), Colleen Jay MD (Wake Forest), Angelika Gruessner PhD (SUNY)

  • Panel: Camillo Ricordi MD (DRI), David Harriman MD (UBC), LJ Chen MD (U Miami)

3) June 24: The Role of Genetic Susceptibility and Triggers in Type 1 Diabetes . Where Do We Go From Here? 

  • Anchors: Stephen Rich PhD (UVA), Marian Rewers (UC), Doug Melton PhD (HSCI), Mark Atkinson MD (UF)

  • Panel: Jill Norris PhD (UC), Heikki Hyoty MD PhD (Tampere U), Kyle Gaulton, PhD (UCSD), Lue Ping Zhao, PhD (Hutch)

4) July 8: Beta Cell Replacement: What Are the Most Promising Approaches for Beta Cell Replacement Moving Forward?

  • Anchors: Doug Melton PhD (HSCI), Ali Naji MD PhD (PENN), Mike Rickles MD (PENN), Felicia Pagliuca PhD (Vertex)  Matthias Hebrok PhD, (UCSF)

  • Panel: Jon Odorico MD (U Wisc), Pete Butler MD (UCLA) Cherie Stabler, PhD (UF), Mark Atkinson, PhD (UF), Ekaterine Bershivili MD PhD (UGeneva)

5) July 29: Mitochondrial and Pro-hormone Dysfunction in Beta Cells

  • Anchors:, Amelia Linneman PhD (IU), Douglas Melton PhD (HSCI), Mark Atkinson PhD (UF), Scott Soleimanpour (UMICH)

  • Panel: Anil Bhushan PhD (UCSF), Bridget Wagner PhD (MIT/Broad)

6) August 5: Prevention of T1D: Remission or Cure?

  • Anchors: Francisco Leon PhD (Provention), Antoon Van Oosterhaut PhD (Imcyse), Douglas Melton PhD (HSCI), Mark Atkinson PhD (UF)

  • Panel: Jeff Millman PhD (WashU), Michael McAuliffe, MD (Captixbio)

7) August 26: Targeting the Immune System in Type 1 Diabetes: Which Cells and What Pathways?

  • Anchors: Kevan Herold MD (Yale),  Alice Long PhD (BRI), Douglas Melton PhD (HSCI), 

  • Panel: Mark Atkinson PhD (UF), Ron Evans, PhD (Salk), Luc Teyton MD PhD (Scripps), Karen Cerosaletti, PhD (BRI)

8) September 9: Reprogramming Tregs and other Whole Cell Tweaks

  • Anchors: Todd Brusko PhD (UF), Qizhi Tang PhD (UCSF), Leonardo Ferreira PhD (MUSC), Douglas Melton PhD (HSCI), Mark Atkinson PhD (UF)

  • Panel: Brian Fife PhD (Minn), Megan Levings PhD(UBC), Alex Marson PhD (UCSF), Georgia Fousteri (San Rafaelle)

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