State of the Science

State of the Science: T1D 


WHAT: State of the Science is an interactive conversation with room for granular and lively debate focused on the most pressing issues in type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. Our goal is to foster open science, interaction, and collaboration–all hallmarks of the(sugar)science mission. These virtual conversations will involve: 

  • 30 minute introduction – What’s HOT in this field? Describing the state of the art.

  • 20 minute panel interface – What does the future hold?

  • 10 minutes – Audience Q/A


  • Anchors (2) – introduce the topic, state of the art, and what’s happening in the field

  • Panelists (3 +) – debate current hypotheses and postulate what the future folds

  • Audience (50-100) – contribute meaningful questions and insights


  • May-September 2021

  • Thursdays, 8-9 am PDT // 11-12noon EDT // 3-4pm GMT

TOPICS OF DISCUSSION: click on the date of interest to register.

1) Click HERE to WATCH(May 20)Inaugural, What are top pain points in T1D research?

  • Anchors: Doug Melton PhD (HSCI), Mark Atkinson MD (UF), Carmela Evans Molina MD PhD (IUDRC)

  • Panel: Rob Screaton PhD (U Toronto), Emily Sims MD (IndianaU) Bart Roep PhD (COH), Teresa Mastracci PhD (IndianaU)

2) CLICK HERE TO WATCH June 3: Clinical, Pancreatic Transplant is Still Relevant for the Future of Type 1 Diabetes Care 

  • Anchors: Mario Spaggiari MD (UIC), Colleen Jay MD (Wake Forest), Angelika Gruessner PhD (SUNY)

  • Panel: Camillo Ricordi MD (DRI), David Harriman MD (UBC), LJ Chen MD (U Miami)

3) CLICK HERE TO WATCH  June 24: The Role of Genetic Susceptibility and Triggers in Type 1 Diabetes . Where Do We Go From Here? 

  • Anchors: Stephen Rich PhD (UVA), Marian Rewers (UC), Doug Melton PhD (HSCI), Mark Atkinson MD (UF)

  • Panel: Jill Norris PhD (UC), Heikki Hyoty MD PhD (Tampere U), Kyle Gaulton, PhD (UCSD), Lue Ping Zhao, PhD (Hutch)

4) CLICK HERE TO WATCH July 8: Beta Cell Replacement: What Are the Most Promising Approaches for Beta Cell Replacement Moving Forward?

  • Anchors: Doug Melton PhD (HSCI), Ali Naji MD PhD (PENN), Mike Rickles MD (PENN), Felicia Pagliuca PhD (Vertex)  Matthias Hebrok PhD, (UCSF)

  • Panel: Jon Odorico MD (U Wisc), Pete Butler MD (UCLA) Cherie Stabler, PhD (UF), Mark Atkinson, PhD (UF), Ekaterine Bershivili MD PhD (UGeneva)

5) CLICK HERE TO WATCH July 29: Mitochondrial and Pro-hormone Dysfunction in Beta Cells

  • Panelists: Amelia Linneman PhD (IU), Scott Soleimanpour (UMICH) Kyle Gaulton (UCSD), Bridget Wagner PhD (MIT/Broad), Peter Thompson PhD (UManitoba), Mark Atkinson MD (UF)

6) CLICK HERE TO WATCH  August 5: Prevention of T1D: Remission or Cure?

  • Anchors: Francisco Leon PhD (Provention), Antoon Van Oosterhaut PhD (Imcyse), Douglas Melton PhD (HSCI), Mark Atkinson PhD (UF)

  • Panel: Jeff Millman PhD (WashU), Michael McAuliffe, MD (Captixbio), Jessica Kenison PhD (AnTolRx), Matthias Von Herrath PhD (LJI/Novonordisk)

7) CLICK HERE TO WATCH: August 26: Targeting the Immune System in Type 1 Diabetes: Which Cells and What Pathways?

  • Panel: Kevan Herold MD (Yale),  Cate Speake (BRI), Douglas Melton PhD (HSCI), Mark Atkinson PhD (UF), Ron Evans, PhD (Salk), Luc Teyton MD PhD (Scripps), Karen Cerosaletti, PhD (BRI)

8)CLICK HERE TO WATCH: September 9: Reprogramming Tregs and other Whole Cell Tweaks

  • Anchors: Todd Brusko PhD (UF), Qizhi Tang PhD (UCSF), Leonardo Ferreira PhD (MUSC), Douglas Melton PhD (HSCI), Mark Atkinson PhD (UF), Matthias von Herrath PhD (UCSD)

  • Panel: Brian Fife PhD (Minn), Megan Levings PhD(UBC), Alex Marson PhD (UCSF), Georgia Fousteri (San Rafaelle)

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