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Fact-Checking Policy and Corrections

Mistakes, misspellings, or other miscues do happen. In the event that we publish a story containing objective factual errors, misattributions, or other substantive mistakes, we will correct it as soon as possible and post a dated correction, clarification, or editor’s note near the bottom of the article. If a mistake occurs in a story that first appeared in the print magazine, we will also publish a correction notice in the table of contents of the next possible issue. If you detect an error in one of our articles please email our Senior Editor: julie@thesugarscience.org


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2) Comments posted to The Sugar Science website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Instagram account are not pre-moderated, nor are they automatically deleted, or censored, and we welcome your ideas —supportive, dissenting, critical, or thought-provoking. We hold the right to moderate comments and remove them if they contain any of the following:

a) are interpreted as abusive

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3) Comments can only be removed by a staff member of The Sugar Science. We welcome other interested parties to alert the staff to a potential problem with a particular comment, but the final decision to remove that comment will be determined by The Sugar Science Team.

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6) The Sugar Science considers comments to be part of the public record and as such will only remove or edit a comment if its content is judged to merit removal based on the criteria outlined above.

Ethics Policy

The Sugar Science adheres to widely accepted, rigorous, and ethical journalistic practices. The Sugar Science Team maintains a separation from the brand’s commercial activities and functions completely independently from input from advertisers, sponsors, marketers, or salespeople.

Ownership/Funding Policy

The Sugar Science is a 501c3 nonprofit, paid subscribers include: ______

Medical Advice Policy:

The Sugar Science does not give medical advice, and anything written here should not be misconstrued as such.