State of the Science 2022

State of the Science II: T1D 2022


WHAT: State of the Science is an interactive conversation with room for granular and lively debate focused on the most pressing issues in type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. Our goal is to foster open science, interaction, and collaboration–all hallmarks of the(sugar)science mission. Following State of the Science 2021, and the recent paper illustrating a women’s leadership gap in T1D research, this series will be women-centric. Led by Carmella Evans Molina MD PhD (IU), Linda DiMeglio MD (IU) and Bridget Wagner PhD (MIT), these virtual conversations will involve: 

  • 30 minute introduction – What’s HOT in this field? Describing the state of the art.

  • 20 minute panel interface – What does the future hold?

  • 10 minutes – Audience Q/A


  • Anchors (5) – introduce the topic, state of the art, and what’s happening in the field,  debate current hypotheses and postulate what the future folds

  • Audience (50-100) – contribute meaningful questions and insights


  • January-March 2022

  • Inaugural Event Thursday Jan 13; 10-11am PST // 1-2pm EST // 6-7 pm GMT

  • all other events: Thursdays, 8-9 am PST // 11-12 noon EST // 4-5 pm  GMT

TOPICS OF DISCUSSION: click on the date of interest to register.

1) Register HERE Jan 13th: Is T1D ONE disease or endotypal? Variability of T1D phenotype: What’s the evidence?

  • Anchors: Carmella Evans-Molina MD PhD (IU), Linda DiMeglio MD (IU), Bridget Wagner PhD (MIT), Sarah Richardson PhD (U Exeter), Emily K Sims MD (IU), Georgia Fousteri PhD (DRI San Rafaelle), Lucy Walker PhD (UCLondon), Jessica Dunne PhD (J&J)


2) Register HERE Jan 27th: Cutting Edge Technologies and in silico solutions for the T1D research laboratory.

  • Anchors: Bridget Wagner PhD (MIT), Maryann Martone PhD (NIDDK/dkNET), Milena Pavlovic PhD (ImmuneML), Melanie Shapiro PhD (UFDI)


3) Register HERE Feb 10th: Exploring Non Mouse Models for studying T1D: islet on a chip, organoids, how to best emulate the human islet phenotype

  • Anchors: Bridget Wagner PhD (MIT), Susan Bonner-Weir PhD (Harvard/Joslin), Teresa Mastraaci PhD (IU), Gopika Nair PhD CEO (EndoCrine Bio)


4) Register HERE Feb 24th: Clinical Trials in T1D: integrating technology into T1D trials. Strategies for next steps: AI analytics and bioinformatics. Making sense of a sea of data: best practices and ways forward.  

  • Anchors: Linda DiMeglio MD (IU), Bridget Wagner PhD (MIT), Marissa Hilliard PhD (Baylor School of Medicine), Marina Basina MD (Stanford)


5) Register HERE Mar 10th: Interdisciplinary Approaches: Placenta as an immune privileged space, are there implications for islet implantation and more?

  • Anchors: Carmella Evans-Molina MD PhD (IU), Jessica Weaver PhD (ASU), Qizhi Tang PhD (UCSF), Allison Bayer PhD (DRI Miami)


6) Register HERE Mar 24th: Integrating Approaches to T1D cures: creating a roadmap, or a “Diabetosome” to connect to interdisciplinary research. Connecting disparate disciplines that add value to T1D research.

  • Anchors: Danielle Dean PhD (VUMC), Rodica Pop-Busie MD (UMICH), Noel Burtt PhD (MIT/Broad), Cate Speake PhD (BRI), Carmella Evans-Molina MD PhD (IU), Vira Kravets PhD (CU/Barbara Davis)


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