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Our Story

I have a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology and our daughter Allison has type 1 diabetes. Seven years ago when she was diagnosed, I made it a personal mission to understand the science of type 1 diabetes (T1D) and forge connections with top researchers in the field. I attended research meetings and cold called scientists to discuss where the field is going and what they think would expedite research.

It became clear that many of scientists studying T1D wished for a regular, curated, and connected conversation to others in the field, and also to interact with select scientists outside the field whose input might generate new ideas. Additionally, they wanted a better path to connect and retain the best and brightest young researchers to careers in T1D research.

Our all volunteer team has designed the(sugar)science  as a highly interactive digital platform, complete with unique collaborative tools, a new style of “woven” blogs, curated podcasts and input from thought leaders around the globe. We are committed to inviting young scientists and those outside the field to weigh in on T1D.  We created private Off the Record brainstorming salons and Ask the Expert POP UP digital cafes scientific conversations  to discuss hypotheses and research objectives. Our novel tools include forums for sharing resources and weighing in on scientific articles. We are also compiling the first global repository off all scientists engaged in research that impacts Type 1 diabetes, in order to enhance collaboration.

We want to help scientists connect, collaborate and look at T1D through many lenses, some non-conventional. To this aim, the(sugar)science is curating and transforming the conversation in Type 1 diabetes research.



Time is of the essence

According to the IDF, 700 million adults will have Type 1 diabetes by 2045.

Even prior to a post COVID world, researchers and scientists expressed their frustrations at the limitations in their ability to collaborate and connect, which prompted the creation of the(sugar)science.

Join us in revolutionizing the way scientists connect, collaborate and expedite research.