what we do

thesugarscience is an interactive digital platform founded to curate the scientific conversation among type 1 diabetes (T1D) researchers. Our goal is to expedite a cure for T1D by promoting collaboration across diverse research disciplines. The majority of our team has a close connection to T1D.

tools & resources

A place where scientists can “speed date” their best ideas, connect with potential collaborators and become eligible for a unique grant from the Diabetes Research Connection (DRC).

Help provide visibility to laboratories studying T1D across the globe. Connect with those you are interested in to form partnerships or even apply for a position.

Premiere T1D researchers from academic and industry backgrounds weigh in on a variety of timely topics.

Our forums facilitate researcher-to-research (R2R) collaboration. Comment on an existing thread of interest or start a new threaded discussion open to other The Sugar Science member researchers for contribution.

Be a part of it. Form or join groups focused around topics of interest or resources for specific researcher communities. You can create a public or private group. Post or find a job, become or find a mentor, get feedback about your experimental trials design, mingle with fellow academic faculty. Join groups now and start engaging with your T1D peers.

Post a controversial question in T1D research. Others will provide their answers. Those who the community deem to have the best answers will gain a reputation as an expert. Experts will be eligible to be invited to a SWARM AI event with top minds in the T1D field to solve some of the most important questions of our time.

Need funding? Have an idea with potential for commercialization? The Sugar Science can help through its collaboration features and global partnerships across academia, industry, grant organizations and venture capital funding sources.

Participate in virtual and future live events around T1D topics. Learn something new, meet thought leaders via our Backstage Passes feature, or use our reach to promote your event and access the most targeted T1D research audience available.

thesugarscience is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity funded by donations and sponsorships with industry and academic partners to provide unique collaborative benefits and programs to researchers in the T1D academic research community. Researchers who sign up with a .edu email may be eligible to receive a complimentary membership.