Principal Investigator: IBRI Lilly Diabetes Center of Excellence

Principal Investigator at the IBRI Lilly Diabetes Center of Excellence

The Lilly Diabetes Center of Excellence (DCOE) at the IBRI is recruiting promising young principal investigators (PI) to start their own independent laboratories under excellent research conditions. 

The Lilly DCOE is recruiting high-potential PIs who are interested in pancreatic beta cell research, particularly related to iPSC-derived beta cells and the crosstalk between beta cells and the immune system in type 1 diabetes (T1D) or metabolic-induced beta cell failure in type 2 diabetes (T2D). 

Another area of interest of the Lilly DCOE is neuroregulation of glucose control, food intake and obesity. Candidates in other research areas with clear translational potential to understand pathogenesis and prevent T1D and T2D also are invited to apply. Complications of diabetes is not a priority area. This appointment includes the following:

  • Each PI will receive an initial five-year sponsored appointment at the IBRI, subsidized by Eli Lilly and Company, to pursue his/her chosen area of research with full academic freedom. 
  • Lilly will provide opportunities for close collaborations, including access to drug discovery tools and expertise, to enable each PI to rapidly explore the translational potential of his/her research. 
  • The Lilly DCOE also will serve as a bridge between academia and industry by providing opportunities for interaction and collaboration across the IBRI, Lilly and research universities. 

Qualifications: Required

  • PhD in life sciences, biotechnology or related fields 
  • At least four years of postdoctoral training or equivalent experience 
  • Track record of collaborating/networking with other scientists and institutes 
  • Capable of leading teams and managing projects 
  • Ability to secure grants and other funding to support research 
  • Strong background in diabetes research 
  • Strong publication record and a well-defined research line Preferred 
  • Track record of successfully securing grants and other funding to support research 
  • Focus on applied research to identify solutions that reach patients 
  • Translational experience 

Apply: Please visit us at to learn more and/or apply for this opportunity. Interested individuals are encouraged to provide their curriculum vitae and a brief letter stating their accomplishments and interest in the lab’s research. Additional information about the opportunity, ahead of a formal application, can be obtained by contacting Dr. Decio L. Eizirik, Scientific Director of the Lilly DCOE, at and