Postdoctoral Associate: University of Florida

Job Description

The Diabetes Institute at the University of Florida (UFDI) is recruiting up to two new Postdoctoral Research Associate positions. Our type 1 diabetes program ( is recognized, at an international level, for outstanding research, training, and clinical care. It is well-funded by a series of individual, programmatic, and training level (T32, F, K) grants supported by numerous federal (NIH) and foundational agencies. Our research programs are broad in their scope, highly interdisciplinary, and translational. Faculty affiliated with the UFDI are engaged in innovative and cutting edge research in the areas of autoimmunity, genetics, metabolism, pathology, cell biology, microscopy, and imaging.

We are in need of investigators that will address this issue using an innovative “pancreas slice” approach to define functional interactions between endocrine, exocrine, and immune cells of the human pancreas in situ; and to develop innovative 3D tissue modeling systems to understand islet and immune cell interactions.

Job Qualifications

The preferred candidate should have a solid background in cell/molecular biology or immunology, a strong interest in research, as well as excellent analytical, oral and written communication skills.

Applicants must possess good problem solving and organizational skills, as well as demonstrate the ability to independently design and conduct experiments, and complete research projects.

Applicants must also have a minimum of two-first author peer-reviewed publications and references that indicate a strong history of teamwork and interpersonal skills. Individuals with extensive experience in either histological and microscopic analysis, live cell imaging, cellular metabolomics, maintenance of primary/stem cell cultures, mitochondrial metabolism, and calcium imaging are especially desirable.

Candidates must possess an PhD in related field with less than three years of prior post-doctoral experience.