The T1D Fund: A Promising Company Portfolio

The T1D Fund: A Promising Company Portfolio

By: Hadeel Saab

The T1D Fund has done wonders for the advancement of T1D treatments and positively impacting T1D patients’ lives. By becoming the first private investor in T1D-specific companies and incentivizing the private venture capital community to follow its lead, in less than four years a total of $375 million has been invested in over 20 promising T1D-related companies. So which companies are we talking about?

The first branch of the Fund’s company portfolio centers on beta cell therapies. It includes seven companies: DiogenX, eGenesis Bio, Enthera, Inversago Pharma, Kriya Therapeutics, Semma  Therapeutics, and Veralox Therapeutics. These companies run the gamut from developing therapeutics to inhibit beta cell stress and death, to developing a regenerative agent as well as an oral drug to restore beta cell function, to creating a renewable islet source from animal organs, to gene therapy for insulin independence.

The second branch of the Fund’s portfolio is specific to immunotherapies, consisting of 10 companies: AnTolRx, Inc., ImmusanT, Immmunocore, IM Therapeutics, Pandion Therapeutics, Provention Bio, Repertoire Immune Medicines, Sonoma Biotherapeutics, SQZ Biotech, and TetraGenetics. These companies focus on maintaining the immune system, whether that’s through immunotherapy aimed at preventing beta cell destruction, preserving islet cells through safe tissue-specific immunomodulation, development of small molecule blockers of autoimmunity, or developing antigen-specific immune tolerance therapies.

The third and final branch of the Fund’s portfolio is all about improving the lives of T1D patients. The seven companies that make up this branch are Bigfoot Biomedical, Biolinq, Capillary Biomedical, Diasome Pharmaceuticals, GluSense Medical, i2o Therapeutics, and Protomer Technologies. Funding is being provided to advance continuous glucose monitoring systems, a T1D biomarker biosensor, insulin delivery systems, the development of highly-sensitive glucose responsive insulin, and an oral delivery system for insulin and other therapies.

Many of these companies are by no means just focused on T1D and are doing important work for several autoimmune diseases at once. And, important discoveries and progress within one disease can certainly advance discoveries in the others. So, the T1D Fund alongside the private venture capital community are pushing forward scientific advancement to better the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

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